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Hot-Assist is a hotline; 1800-182-468 (HOT), a call-centre of assistance provider with services available to members via a membership program. We provide assistance to ease the inconveniences faced by members, deployable with one call, hence our tagline Assistance with One Call. We are a pioneer in our field and we aspire to be the best for our members. 

We are familiar with product/services which covers us after any unfortunate incident, subject to approval of claims. Are there any product/services that can assist us at the moment of the incident? 

Assistance services such as card loss reporting, emergency message transmission and emergency taxi assistance, complete with repayable services (upon member’s request and at provider’s discretion) such as hotel bill payment, travel ticket replacement, and/or even emergency cash advance, plus bearing cost of replacement of important personal documents, personal belongings, personal effects and/or medical expenses;  just to name a few, is almost unheard of. 

Assistance services are available (for members) and deployable with one call when required, the moment a registered card is reported lost with our call centre.

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