Assistance Services

Assistance with One Call

Our call centre at 1800-182-468 (+603 272 77 468 if you are calling from overseas) serves to Advise, Assist & Assure; providing assistance to members in few key areas;

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Rob & Run Assistance

Commonly illustrated using snatch theft as an example of unfortunate incident. It is not an insurance product. The full range of assistance can be deployed when member calls our hotline to report a card loss. Assistance includes blocking and cancellation of registered credit and stored-value cards, arrangement of trusted taxi services, emergency cash advance, travel assistance, and reimbursement for medical, personal belongings, documents and effects. 

  • Card Protection
  • Emergency Taxi Service assistance
  • Emergency Cash Advance / Travel Assistance
  • Reimbursement on medical expenses
  • Reimbursement on personal belongs, documents and effects

Hospitality Assistance

We have merchant partners in various industries; saloon, spa, mani/pedi, automobile, FMCG and F&B to name a few, to value-add to our services. Aside from making available their core/usual services, our partners unite via our social initiative Hot-Assist United to provide a network of assurance when members require assistance; eg. an emergency phone-call, or a temporary shelter while waiting for assistance. 

Find out more today and see how you may be part of this social initiative. We hope this social initiative will encourage everyone to lend a helping hand when needed. As we all gather our resources and unite as one, we also hope it will help curb social crimes whenever possible.

Driver & Home Assistance

Coming soon..

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