Hot-Assist United



Hot-Assist United is a social initiative by Hot-Assist; a uniting platform for businesses in the interest of public/community’s safety and well-being. While their professional services are also available, they unite to provide a network of assurance; eg. an emergency phone-call in the case of snatch theft, or a temporary shelter while waiting for assistance. Together, we can build a “network of safety & assurance”.

The olive wreath represents being “Champion” of the community
The letter “U” means that YOU can make a change
Cursive unbroken letters represents obstacles yet unity shall prevail
Upwards slant represents progress
Perimeter of corporate orange represents closeness and assurance

This social initiative is “inspired” and triggered by the increase of crime incidents, particularly snatch theft and street robberies. There are also instances where calls for help are left unanswered. We do not wish this upon anyone, especially not to our loved ones. We believe that consumers are more likely to stay and shop in commercial areas which are safe and friendly. With that, we feel Hot-Assist United is vital and we encourage your participation. Like & Share us on FB too.

Requirement of participation is as simple as readiness to lend a helping hand when assistance is needed for patrons in your commercial area. A small act of kindness could mean a lot to victims of above mentioned incidences. You can offer your customers and community more than just your products and services. Recipients will be forever grateful and this we believe, will benefit you and your business.

Also, we can together signal to perpetrators that we stand UNITED against their harmful activities. They must stop, and even more so in a Hot-Assist United area.

Be a Hot-Assist United partner today. CLICK HERE to register with us now! Make a difference in your society today. 

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