#SelfShield365, is our proprietary and common hashtag to bridge our assistance services (Hot-Assist) and social initiative (Hot-Assist United). We encourage usage of this hashtag in your campaign or initiative to make our society a more viable place to live in. It can also be embedded within a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, amongst others. It serves as a reminder to all to be vigilant, first for ourselves and next, for others. We look forward to partnering with individuals or entities to further spread this awareness.

Phase 1 :
We will use #SelfShield365 in our messages and status updates to disseminate positive community messages to empower the body, emotion, mind and soul. Like & Share us on FB.

Phase 2 :
In our expansion phase, we envision #SelfShield365 to be a social enterprise, “Champion of the Community”; to become a go-to entity or channel for support requests. We hope to be able to partner with sponsors, to secure fundings and use it to fulfil these requests.

In its entirety, #SelfShield365 can be viewed as a movement of empowerment and opportunity for the community. We encourage your participation to walk with us on this journey. Contact us for more information today. 

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