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Why Hot-Assist?

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Is it true that when a new product/services is introduced to the market, there seems to be certain skepticism due to unfamiliarity? Perhaps so, but we aim to challenge the status quo and present you something, which we believe will become the norm. Afterall, it is a necessity. 

Read on and we encourage knowing before no-ing. YES, you never know when you need it and it is pretty useful when needed; just as having a spare tyre in the trunk is always better.


What would you do if.. You have a loved one distressed, in a foreign land with no one to turn to, and you are a distance away? Or if you have lost your wallet together with your passport on the way to catch the flight home? Or having your bag snatched and at a loss of what to do…

What would you do in such unforeseen circumstances? Fortunately, there is Hot-Assist. Often misunderstood as an insurance product, but it is not. Read on.

Hot-Assist is a hotline; 1800-182-468 (HOT), a call-centre of assistance provider with services available to members via a membership program. We provide assistance to ease the inconveniences faced by members, deployable with one call, hence our tagline Assistance with One CallWe are a pioneer in our field and we aspire to be the best for our membersClick here for FAQs.

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Hot-Assist’s full range of assistance services are deployable with one call, the moment a card is reported lost at 1800-182-468 (+603 272 77 468 if you are calling from overseas). Our call centre will advise, assist and assure you accordingly on the next course of actions. 

Subscribe to our membership program today to enjoy the following services. Click here for FAQs.


Rob & Run Assistance includes the following services;

  • Assistance Services (at-incident)

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  • Cost of Replacement (post-incident)

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Other benefits

Available to members upon membership activation;

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Be a Hot-Assist Member Now!

With merchant partners in various industries; saloon, spa, mani/pedi, automobile, FMCG and F&B to name a few, to value-add to our services. Aside from making available, our partners unite via our social initiative Hot-Assist United to provide a network of assurance when members require assistance; eg. an emergency phone-call, or a temporary shelter while waiting for assistance. 

Find out more today and see how you may be part of this social initiative. We hope this social initiative will encourage everyone to lend a helping hand when needed. As we all gather our resources and unite as one, we also hope it will help curb social crimes whenever possible.

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Bridging & Empowering

#SelfShield365is our proprietary and common hashtag to bridge our assistance services (Hot-Assist) and social initiative (Hot-Assist United). We encourage usage of this hashtag in your campaign or initiative to make our society a more viable place to live in. It can be embedded within a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, amongst others. It serves as a reminder to all to be vigilant, first for ourselves and next, for others. We look forward to partnering with individuals or entities to further spread this awareness.

Corporate Program is our endeavour to provide access for entities whom wishes to provide something extra for their people. One of our partner provided opportunity through their affiliate program while some others provided our product/services as extra benefit.

Our assistance services meet the demands (and needs) of the society; we have a desire, a dream of a street safe for all to take a stroll without worrying about what could be lurking around in the dark corners, or having to hold our bags tighter when a motorcycle passes by. We have a vision of the streets safe enough for our kids to mix with their friends. We wish that our friends on the streets will lend a helping hand if anything untowards happen to us. 

These are all encapsulated in the DNA of Hot-Assist. We may not be able to predict what will happen or be in control of any unforeseen circumstances but we can choose to have an ease of mind. Contact us today.